Solo exhibitions and screenings:

2005 Corner Brook (CA), "312" space for video
2005 Budapest (HU) "Picture Blog" Knoll Gallery with Csaba Nemes
2004 Marseille (F), "conform" Galerie du Tableau
2004 Budapest, "Blog" Studio Gallery
2003 Roma (I), Rialtosantambrogio
2002 Budapest, Kirakat Gallery
2001 Sárvár (HU), ISMEAM ( Electroacoustic Music Festival) with Gyula Várnai
2000 Pécs (HU)," Groupsex 1.1" Közelítés Gallery
1999 Dunaújváros (HU), Institute of Contemporary Art
1999 Budapest, "Groupsex" Studio Gallery
1998 Budapest, Tér-képzetek "Picnolepsia" (installation) sound: Szabolcs Keresztes
1998 Pécs, PTE MK "Disappearing" (installation)

Selected group exhibitions and screenings:

2008 Budapest(HU)"Camera Buscura" Mai Manó Ház (public-art project)
2008 Belgrád(SRB)"Belgrade with Budapest" Magacin
2008 Budapest(HU)"Gallery By Night" Studio Galeria,
2008 Szombathely(HU)"Independent Filmfestival " Savaria Movie
2008 Budapest(HU), „Corvin Mirror" Budapest History Museum
2008 Miskolc(HU) „Iron-grass" Miskolc Gallery of Fine Arts
2008 New Delhi(India), Lalit Kala Academy
2008 Berlin(D), Neuer Berliner Kunstverein
2008 Bangalore(India),"Masters and Young Talents from Hungary" Shumuka Gallery
2008 Bruxelles(B),Time Print 08 Hungarian Intitute in Brussel
2007 Budapest (HU), "Light box" Videospace Gallery
2007 New York (USA), "Other City" Hungarian Cultural Institute
2007 Pécs (HU), "The Present of the Recent Past" workshop,
2007 Budapest (HU), "Architecture and Block of Flats" KEK
2007 Debrecen (HU), "Lost and Found" MODEM,
2007 Budapest (HU), "Kamikaze" FKSE , "Round off" project
2006 Baden-Baden (D), "Lost and Found" Staatliche Kunsthalle
2006 Budapest (HU), "Other City" Trafo Gallery
2006 Gdansk (PL), "PatriotismTomorrow" Wespa Sztuki Institute of Art
2006 Usti nad Labem (CZ), Public Dreams project
2006 Berlin (D), Neuer Berliner Kunstverein Videokunst aus Ungarn 1999-2006
2006 Zagreb (CRO), Gallery PM hdlu "1:1" interpersonal in the contemporary art
2006 Ljubljana (SLO), Skuc Gallery "Point of View"
2006 Prague (CZ), Beauty Free Shop project by UMELEC
2005 Budapest (HU), Műcsarnok(Kunsthalle) "Private Matter?"
2005 Budapest (HU), Trafo Gallery "Reading in absence"
2005 Berlin (D,) "Director Lounge" video festival
2004 Dunaújváros (H), ICA -D "Határátlépések"
2004 Wien (A), IG bildende kunst gallerie "Too Far Too Close"
2004 Munich (D), Dachgallerie "Gulasch Suppen"
2004 Orlando (USA), New Screen Broadcasting independent TV chanel
2004 Novi Sad, (Serbia) „Trans European Picnic" symposium
2004 Pécs (H), "Mecseki Anzix" Közelítés Gallery
2004 Paris (F), "Budapest Errances" at Le Carrose
2004 Pécs, "Mediafactory" international exhibition at Zsolnay Factory
2004 Budapest, "Derkovits scholars" Ernst Museum
2004 Budapest, "Gallery by Night" Studio Gallery
2003 Marseille, Video projection organisated by Phonie Allieé art association
2003 Paks(H), Art place Exhibition of experimental art camp
2003 Budapest, Moszkva square „Gravitation"project" (alias bp )
2003 Dunaújvaros (H), ICA-D "unflexible clash" international exhibition
2003 Pécs, "Zoom" international media art festival.
2003 Bucarest (RO), Institute of Hungarian Culture exhibition of FKSE
2003 Dunaújváros, ICA-D "DEMO" exhibition of FKSE
2002 Budapest, Art of Place "LÁTÁS/VISION" exhibition and symposion
2002 Berlin (D), The Collegicum Hungaricum "Superfluous Gesture"
2002 Dunaujváros, ICA-D "SPACE" international exhibition
2002 Budapest, Duna Cinema, Exhibition of Klub vh art group
2002 Pécs, "Zoom" Video and Intermedia Festival
2002 Dunaújváros, ICA-D "One minute for one picture"
2002 Pécs, "kirakat" exhibition of Közelítés Art Association
2001 Paks, Art place , Exhibition of experimental art camp
2001 Szombathely (H), Art of Place "Garden" group exhibition.
2001 Budapest, Gallery Lajos street Exhibition House "Short Stories"
2000 Marseille-Avignon(F), RAT2
2000 Budapest, Art of place "Media Modell" Intermedia exhibition
2000 Szentendre (H), Art-expo fresh
2000 Paks (H), Art place of Paks, exhibition of experimental art camp
2000 Dunaújváros, ICA-D "New Pieces"
1999 Budapest, Trafó House of Contemporary Art "in concreto" sound installations
1998 Pécs, "South wind" art festival
1998 Dunaújváros, Institute of Contemporary Art-D "ARITMIA" art fest,
1995 Gutersloh (D), Fine art symposium (Junge Kunst)
1994 Győr (H), MEDIAWAVE 94 "Picaboo" Pre-movie
1994 Pécs, "Space reservation", Art festival

Web projects

Online exhibitions:

2002 ///---Reload---/// Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum/ iS.CaM/ Net-Art Open Exhibition /
2001 "Net_Working" Bristol